Jan. 25th, 2010 11:51 am
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I realized, in the past couple days, that I have a complex. I'm deathly afraid of looking like White Trash.


A while back, our large 60-inch tv stopped working. My husband has several ideas of what is wrong with it, but he's not a tv-repair man, and the ideas could cost up to several hundred dollars to repair. So we had been watching a small tv on a table in the livingroom, which was placed in front of the large tv while we were figuring out what to do. (As an aside: My Sergeant assured me that this is only White Trash if you place the smaller tv on top of the larger tv.)

So yesterday, the smaller tv went out. This leaves us, in the house, with only the oldest, smallest television that we own, a 32-inch old box tv that currently resides in the bedroom.

In my mind, this is not acceptable. And it placed me in the somewhat odd position of having to try and convince my husband that we need a new tv. He's right, we don't need it. We absolutely don't need a new tv. But it is unacceptable, in my mind, with my mom flying in today, to have two broken televisions sitting in the livingroom. And it was driving me bonkers.

So instead of using the tax return to pay off an entire credit card, we're paying off half a credit card and buying a plasma tv. *sigh* I feel wrong about doing this. But at the same time, it simply must be done, in my head.
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